Easy way to make money this summer

Matched betting is an absolute must for all sports fans. Making money online has never been easier with matched betting websites like OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator.

Both these sites will teach you how to make around £1000 per month from matched betting! It’s really easy to do and once you get started you will be absolutely hooked just like me.

I was looking for a way to supplement my income over the summer so I could live local to the ocean and take mt kite boarding to the next level. Problem is it’s not cheap to live here. I am working a night job in a bar but the pay barely covers my rent and expenses. Matched betting has allowed me to have enough money to be more comfortable and really enjoy myself this summer.

The basics of it are backing a sporting event and then laying the same event at an exchange like Betfair. We do this to break even and then unlock a free bet. We then do the same with the free bet but because it’s free cash we make a profit every time! The maths are genius but you don’t need to worry about all that. The tutorials, guides and calculators sort everything out for you.

Both sites I mentioned have a stack of tools to get the most out of matched betting. It still blows my mind that I can make a grand a month from spending a couple of hours a day sat in front of my computer.

Both sites charge a small membership fee, trust me you just need to pay it and get on with making money. It’s possible to do it without them but it’s so much more hardwork. The membership makes it easier and quicker to make your money and then get on with your day. I’d happily recommend it to anyone I know.

Who knows how long this will last so I reckon you should get involved as soon as possible to avoid missing out!